Location Monitoring


Superior location monitoring with SCRAM Systems quality.

We are proud to offer GPS monitoring technology that delivers the same exceptional product quality, software, customer service, and technical support that our customers have come to expect.

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A Better GPS Monitoring Device

Introducing the next generation of our SCRAM GPS technology. We’ve combined superior location accuracy, an industry-leading strap design, the industry’s best battery life, and user-friendly software tools that help officers quickly identify and address issues in their caseload.

  • A fully integrated part of the SCRAM Systems suite of alcohol and location monitoring solutions, consolidated on a single platform
  • Utilizes the 3G cellular network
  • SCRAM GPS Analytics™ and Google Street View mapping simplify tracking and put your clients’ movements in context
  • Revolutionary tamper technology substantially reduces false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications
  • Applications

  • Domestic violence CPO/TPO enforcement
  • Jail work release programs
  • Jail de-population programs
  • Juvenile truancy
  • Treatment compliance
  • Pre-trial release/CSR programs
  • Benefits

  • Efficient oversight of domestic violence offenders
  • Efficient method of monitoring the location of inmates out on work release
  • Keep tabs on offenders released pre-trial to ensure they are compliant with their bond conditions
  • Easy to wear for juveniles participating in diversion programs who have curfews and school
  • Ensure offenders comply with their treatment and counseling schedule by showing up to their appointments
  • Reduce demand for jail beds with safe, accurate and cost effective