Intoxalock eLERT® ~ BEST IN CLASS
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eLERT Ignition Interlock Advantages

  • No wait time over 0° F
  • Meets or exceeds most state requirements
  • Fuel cell technology ensures highest accuracy in the industry
  • No false positives - Alcohol specific testing
  • LED screen displays BrAC reading**
  • Lockouts may be cleared remotely
  • GPS provides location
  • Meets toughest state requirements
  • Camera provides driver photo verification
  • Real-time reporting ensures your client stays in compliance with state laws when required
  • Easy to use – no humming, one button activation
  • Heat, cold and tamper resistant
  • Applications

  • Restricted License
  • Driving Privileges
  • Recidivism reduction tool
  • Multiple OVI situations
  • Teen Drunk Driving Prevention
  • Business vehicle protection