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Ohio Alcohol Monitoring Systems has been proudly serving the Criminal Justice Community in Ohio since 2007. Headquartered in Independence, Ohio, we are Ohio’s premier alcohol and electronic monitoring service provider, reaching over 80 counties throughout the state and servicing over 500 offenders each day.

Company History

Founded in 2007 with the original mission of assisting courts and probation departments in the management of their most problematic alcohol offenders, Ohio AMS has grown into new roles and territories, but has never lost its focus on being a partner with its customers. The company started in the greater Cleveland area and has since expanded to all corners of Ohio and Kentucky.


Ohio AMS has chosen industry leading products to serve our communities with. We have always maintained that if the product wasn’t the best in its category, Ohio AMS wouldn’t provide it to our customers. We proudly offer the full suite of SCRAM Systems products including SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, SCRAM Remote Breath and SCRAM GPS. We are also excited to now include the Intoxalock E-Alert 24 Ignition Interlock Device to our full products suite. You have OPTIONS with Ohio AMS!

Mission & Goals

It is our mission to be the leading provider of compliance monitoring services, ensuring that we are the best in our field by providing superior products, intelligent and timely reporting and innovative solutions to our customers. We will continue to challenge ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations by employing industry proven best practices, hiring professionals in the field, reinvesting in our infrastructure and state of the art technology, and constantly improving our monitoring processes. We consistently strive to build open and honest relationships with our customers and clients by treating them with respect, bringing humanity back to a challenging process for offenders and courts alike.

Accurate • Timely • Proffesional • Innovative • Compassionate

Compliance Products

Alcohol Monitoring

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM), or combined CAM + House Arrest, at the flip of a switch. It’s 24/7 monitoring for your higher-risk/higher-need alcohol clients.

Remote Breath Testing

The world’s first handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test. For your lower-risk offenders or those who have earned less intensive testing and monitoring.

GPS & House Arrest

A one-piece GPS tracking bracelet that combines superior location accuracy with industry-leading battery life and tamper detection.


An ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer for your vehicle. It requires you to blow into the device before starting your car and helps you drive safely by not allowing your vehicle to start if you are under the influence of alcohol.

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